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Making Fun of Marketing

The brightest, boldest, and most boundary-pushing revenue leaders are sharing their outrageous stories—and hottest tips to make their campaigns less cringey.


This bi-monthly show is every revenue, sales, and marketing leader’s refuge from the never-ending to-do’s, guaranteed to make you laugh and inspire your next great idea.


Hosted by Scott Logan

CMO - Kronologic

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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad B2B Sales Process
Tim Davidson - Sr. Director Marketing, Directive

Is there anything Tim Davidson wouldn’t do for a Yeti?

Eh, OK maybe a few things. In this episode, Tim and host Scott Logan break down Tim’s biggest B2B buying pet peeve, solve the world’s prospecting/scheduling problems, and answer the ever important question on most peoples’ minds: bots…creepy or not creepy? 


Field of Communities - If you
build it, they will come...

Nisha Baxi - Head of Visioneer Community, Gong

Starting a community is easy right? Put everyone in a Slack channel and watch them engage? Wrong.

Nisha breaks down the in's and out's of creating and growing a valuable customer community, selling the idea internally, and how to track the value it brings.

Making Fun of Marketing - Nisha Baxi - Gong - Episode Cover.jpg
Making Fun of Marketing - James Gilbert - Flip - Episode Cover.jpg


It's us. Hi. We're the problem, it's us.
James Gilbert - CMO, Flip James making fun of marketing? Or is he calling us on our bullsh!t?


Eh, it's a little of both. James Gilbert, CMO of Flip, joins Scott to spill all of marketing's dirty secrets—from why the rest of the go-to-market team kind of hates us sometimes to where marketers almost always get customer experience wrong. James is lovingly calling us all out, and guess what? We kind of need to hear it.


What is your SDR up to?
Sam Nelson - Founder,

Is your SDR team going through the motions or actually making an impact on pipeline and revenue?

How do you know the difference? One thing is for sure, Sam Nelson knows the difference. Sam shares stories about how he went WAY outside the limits of what an SDR is "supposed" to do to drive revenue. Thankfully many of those gambles were instant hits!

Making Fun of Marketing - Sam Nelson - SDRLeader - Episode Cover.jpg
Jay Baer - Justin Keller.png


You're Boring and Slow!
Justin Keller - VP, Revenue Marketing, Drift
Jay Baer - Certified Tequila Sommelier 
x NY Times Best Selling Author
                       5x Founder of Multi-Million Dollar Companies

The ways many companies differentiate are often boring and their sales and customer experiences are slow. Falling in this trap is far too easy.

Jay and Justin join the show to blow up this line of thinking. Jay brings to light ways to differentiate by blending  messaging and speed and Justin explains how Drift has built one of the biggest marketing tech brands in the industry using this approach.

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MoOps I did it again!
Mike Rizzo - Founder,

"Marketing Ops, you got your cool title... RevOps, right?... Why are you still in my office?" Is Marketing Ops really getting a seat at the strategy table as a contributor, or still just there to figure out how to make the crazy ideas work in real life?

Mike joins this episode to discuss how ops can earn a permanent seat at the strategy table with both sales and marketing leadership.

Dropping 5/19/23

Scan Me a River, of Bad Leads
Don Otvos - VP Biz Dev and Alliances

Looks like we're doing events and trade shows again.

But why are we all approaching converting event pipeline the same way, causing all the same pains, delays, and misses? 

There IS a better way and Don Otvos of LeanData joins us to explore new, post-covid (we are right?) ways to actually drive the pipeline you pitched when your events budget was secured.  

Making Fun of Marketing - Don Otvos - LeanData - Episode Cover (1).jpg
Podcast - Leslie Barrett.png


You get a Yeti, You get a Yeti, and You get a Yeti!
Leslie Barrett - Sr. Director of Customer Marketing and Evangelism

If someone tells you that giving gifts is easy, they’re either lying or they’re Santa—and it’s a slim chance they’re Santa. 


From the item you send to your messaging of the gift, there’s a lot of places where direct mail marketing can turn into a lifelong lesson that you bring up as a silly anecdote in a podcast—much like this one!

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