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Kronologic for Reps

Increase Response Rates, Meetings, and Engagement
Without All the Calls and Emails

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Meet Buyers You Never Knew Were Interested

Most often, your qualified buyers aren't ignoring you when they don't respond, their days are just too busy to answer random phone calls or respond to an email asking them to book their own meeting for you.

This is why Kronologic proposes a meeting time with 80.4% accuracy, enabling buyers to 1-Click accept. This increases meeting acceptance rates and shortens sales cycles.

Proactively Schedule Meetings


You're leaving money on the table when you risk placing calls and emails in between the buyer and their meeting request.

Don't lose your highest intent buyers because you couldn't get a hold of them fast enough. Send the invite and build pipeline, without the risk.

Kronologic Quick Launcher
Proactive Intelligent Scheduling

4 Step Quick Launcher Schedules Meetings For You

Quick Launcher is like having your own personal assistant to schedule meetings

including handling meeting time adjustment requests.





Select Meeting

Edit Copy

Add Guest

Review & Launch

AI Can Now Replace Your Daily Busy Work

  • Stop constantly writing the same meeting requests by using editable templates

  • Generate a first draft of your specific messaging using ChatGPT functionality

  • Automated responses to meeting time change requests, having AI update the invite

“I'll give ya my secret sauce... We used Kronologic on a survey campaign and booked meetings with 10 of 25 survey responders."
"Results are astronomical!"

Sean Shea, CEO

Evolve Past 8-14 Step,

2 Week Sequences

Unlike long sales sequences that have built in delays and risk messaging misalignment, Kronologic Invites guarantee immediate follow up with perfectly tailored messaging every time.


This improvement in efficiency and effectiveness boosts pipeline by 2-5X.

The response rate was higher than any other tool I've used before.

It takes the back and forth out of scheduling appointments. I'm very satisfied!

Chris M., Enterprise Rep

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Kronologic Will Automatically Schedule Your Meetings



Multi-threading a target account can be difficult when the contact(s) you've been given is hard to get a hold of.


Make it easy for them to accept a meeting with Kronologic's Quick Launcher. Send an invite with a 1-click accept.


Schedule Your
Next Meeting

Spending 5 minutes of your meeting to schedule the next or running out of time to do so can cause big delays in your sales cycle.


Instead, use Kronologic's Quick Launcher to schedule the next meeting for you.


Demo Requests & Contact Us

Time is of the essence when responding to demo, pricing, or contact us requests, but what if you're not immediately available?

Kronologic will schedule meetings with these high intent buyers DURING their engagement.


Re-Schedule No Shows

Ghosted meetings are frustrating and rescheduling them can be difficult. Most often, life and/or work just got in the way.

Trigger Kronologic to automatically reschedule these meetings for you.

Schedule Meetings Automatically,
Without All the Calls and Emails

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Test the Difference Now

Send yourself a Kronologic Email using the button below to see how easy it will be for your buyers to request a meeting.


If the proposed time doesn't work, just reply with a time that does and Kronologic will update the invite automatically.

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