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Revolutionizing Scheduling

"The buying experience is fundamentally broken, with long sales cycles that rely on inefficient scheduling practices and manual work."

"We need to focus on what really matters: creating meaningful relationships with buyers and forging a path to purchase that is painless, efficient, and truly customer-centric."


- Ben Parker, CEO of Kronologic

Meet The Leadership Team

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Ben Parker
Co-Founder / CEO

  • LinkedIn

After 10 years in sales, marketing and operations, including over four years at VMware as a Strategic Projects Leader, Ben co-founded Kronologic in 2018, leading sales transformations at customers including CDW, ZoomInfo, VMware, Rackspace, and many more.


Chris Lee
Co-Founder / CTO

  • LinkedIn

Chris co-founded and built Kronologic from the ground up after spending nearly 20 years as a software engineer executive. This includes 10 years at Rapid7, a leading cyber security company, as the Principal Architect.

Scott Logan Headshot.jpg

Scott Logan

  • LinkedIn

After five years in sales, Scott moved to lead marketing teams for the past 15 years. The last 12 years have been at companies offering customer success and sales software including NICE inContact,, and

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Pam Berger

  • LinkedIn

As a seven time CFO, Pam brings a wealth of knowledge to Kronologic having led companies from various industries including software, retail, and healthcare.


Anthony Nguyen
VP, Customer Success

  • LinkedIn

Anthony has been leading Kronologic's Customer Success team since 2020 after more than 20 years as a Business Systems Strategist and Customer Success Leader at companies including Applied Materials, VMware, and Apptio.

Fast time to value and pipeline generation

"Kronologic is intuitive and allows us to automate a curated response during the most critical time period in the lead journey. It is also incredibly flexible and allows us to be creative in our approach against different lead sources."

Excellent Auto-scheduling Tool

"The work is done for me. I submitted the emails and template, and before I know it I have tons of meetings scheduled."

So many meetings on my calendar

"How seamless the technology is to use and how it takes away the back and forth with customers/prospects. It also puts so many meetings on mine and my team's calendar and with people we've been trying to get on the calendar for months."

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