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New User Setup Guide

This guide is intended to take you from first sign-in to first meeting booked in a few simple steps:

  1. Log in for the first time

    1. Connect your calendar & email

  2. Complete your profile

  3. Connect your web conferencing tool

  4. Create and test your first meeting

Scroll down for quick videos designed to walk you through certain steps. You're only a few short minutes away from being able to hand scheduling over to the robots, so let's get started!

Step 1: Log into Kronologic

  1. Navigate to

  2. Enter your email address

Step 2: Connect Your Calendar & Email

When prompted, click "allow" in order to allow Kronologic to connect to your calendar and email.

Step 3: Complete your profile

Here's a short video that'll take you through the process in just a few minutes

  1. Check to ensure your name and timezone have pulled in from your email & calendar: This step should be automatic, but it never hurts to check.

  2. Fill out your signature: This functions just like the signature in your email, so copying and pasting from your existing email settings is a quick & easy way to ensure continuity between your messages & invitations.

  3. Select additional calendars to consider: Kronologic will automatically detect all the calendars you've subscribed to in your primary calendar system (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar) and list them in your profile page. Here, you may elect to have Kronologic consider events on those calendars, in addition to the events on your main calendar, when offering and negotiating availability. To do this, simply check the box next to each calendar you'd like considered.

  4. Add your web conferencing provider: In order to dynamically assign a meeting link for each meeting you're going to host, you'll need to connect your web conferencing provider. Luckily, this only takes about 3 clicks and once you've done it, you shouldn't have to do it again. To connect your provider, scroll to the bottom of your Kronologic profile page, find your provider in the list of supported providers and click "Connect". From there, all you need to do is sign in when your provider asks you to and click "Allow" to create the connection between Kronologic and your provider. Note: for users who signed up using a Google account (Gmail or a Google Workspace account), Google Meet is natively supported and all that is needed to use Google Meet to assign dynamic meeting links is to check the box next to Google Meet in the provider list.

Step 4: Create and test your first meeting

The Quick Launcher is a fast and easy way to hand the job of finding a time to meet with someone off to the robots. In this 2 minute video, we'll show you how.

Select a meeting

  1. Click the button on the left of the Nav Bar titled "Launcher"

  2. Select the meeting template you'd like to use

    1. If using for the first time or testing out the workflow, it is recommended that you select "My Default Meeting Template" so that you can get right into sending your message & setting your meeting. Don't worry, you'll be able to edit the default template to say whatever you'd like and we will cover how to set up your own templates later.

  3. Ensure the original settings match your needs. If one or more do not, click the pencil icon next to the setting to edit it.

    1. Gap - this setting determines how much of a gap (in minutes) you want between this event and any other event on your calendar before and after this event.

    2. Duration - this setting determines the length of this event

    3. Minimum Scheduling Notice - this setting determines how long, before the start of this event, someone must confirm if they are coming. This is useful to ensure you don't get surprised by someone accepting your invitation at the last second.

    4. Scheduling Range - this setting allows you to set the range of dates you want the system to be able to offer or negotiate for in order to get this event set.

Edit Message

This step is entirely optional. It allows you to add/edit any text you'd like on both the email and calendar invitation that will be sent to your guest. You can do this by simply clicking into any of the text boxes and typing.

Add Guest

This step is where you designate the recipient of your message and invitation. If this is your first time in the system and don't have any contacts already uploaded, click "Create New Contact", fill out the recipient's email, first name and last name and click "Save"

Preview & Launch

This step is where you may preview the message you're about to send to ensure everything looks right. If everything checks out, press "Launch" to have Kronologic schedule your meeting with your recipient. If you'd like to go back and edit any of what you just set up, simply click "Previous".


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