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Start a 14 Day Free Trial

Eliminate all the time you waste scheduling meetings.

Gain a scheduling assistant for 14 days free then only $6 per month.

Better than Just a Meeting Link

Stop losing meetings, by waiting for your guests to do all the work of scheduling for you.

(No Credit Card Needed to Start)

Traditional Calendar Links Leave Meetings on the Table because:

Calendar link in

email isn't clicked

Link is clicked, but scheduling was abandoned 

It's awkward to ask a invitee to do the

work of scheduling

Manually emailing to schedule takes

far too long

Kronologic Quick Launcher
Your Set-It-and-Forget-It Auto Scheduler

4 Step Quick Launcher Schedules Meetings For You

Quick Launcher is like having your own personal assistant to schedule meetings

including handling meeting time adjustment requests.





Select Meeting

Edit Copy

Add Guest

Review & Launch

Use Cases

Don't burden your buyers with link-based schedulers. They require too much work.

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