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Kronologic vs. Calendar Link Tools

If you send me a [scheduling link], the amount of effort for me is rude.
- Gartner Analyst (formerly of TOPO)

Kronologic's AI-based scheduling automation lands meetings faster, using only:

1.2 Touches in 4-10 Days


Calendar Link Tool

  • Burden of scheduling is on the buyer

  • Perception is that the rep's time is more valuable than the buyer's

  • Email engagement is required

    • Email engagement is low

  • Lengthy forms are often required 

  • 5-10 actions needed to schedule

  • Not scalable, schedules 1-by-1

    • IF buyers open the email 

  • Email replies require manual work


  • Increased engagement

    • 40-60% engagement with invites

  • 80.4% success in finding availability when proposing a time to a buyer

  • Can be used at scale with proven templates

  • AI handles time negotiation

    • Relieving up to 25-30% of a rep's busy work​

  • GenerativeAI available (ChatGPT functionality) can enhance message

A lot of prospects are put off by having to schedule their own meetings to talk to a Sales Development Rep. When you’ve got an executive on the hook for scheduling time with a young SDR, it puts the relationship on the wrong foot.


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