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AI shouldn't tell you what to do next,

It should DO IT FOR YOU 

Kronologic is used by businesses around the world to orchestrate customer facing meetings, without their people having to lift a finger

Automate timely scheduling of meetings for teams and individuals,
Tailor messaging with 4 years of proven templates and GenerativeAI,

Orchestrate across your tech stack at scale with AI to negotiate times.


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290% Increase
in Lead-to-Meeting
Conversion Rate
800 Meetings for
200 Reps in
1 Week
44 Meetings for
1 Rep in
2 Weeks
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38 Meetings in
48 hours
68 of 72 Scheduled

Why Kronologic?

Because Traditional Calls and Emails are NOT Answered


of unknown calls go unanswered
- Pew Research


of all emails are SPAM
- Dataport


touches needed to get a response
- B2B Decision Labs

Cross/Upsell Campaign Automatically Scheduled 68 Meetings from 72 Contacts in 2 Weeks

How it Works

Trigger Qualified Leads Using Your Current Tech Stack

Launching Kronologic Delivers
Meetings to Sales, Not Leads with Task Lists

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RE-Email-Negotiation (1).jpg

AI Negotiates Details

Reps focus on selling INSTEAD of the manual back-and-forth of scheduling.

Kronologic will handle the busy work of negotiating times instantly so reps never miss a beat. They can stay focused on selling and not worry about prospects needing to reschedule via email.

Validated by the Top Analyst Firms

Download these Forrester and Gartner Reports to Read a Full Evaluation.

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Converting Leads and Scheduling has Never Been More Efficient

This revolutionary platform and process drives more results for your marketing, sales, hiring and customer teams.

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